We are a family group in expansion

Francesc Borrell Mas founded Tycsa SA

A publicly traded company, which became one of the largest Spanish steel cable net exporters.

Diversification of the industrial group

Francesc led the expansion of the industrial group and the diversification towards other leading and strategic sectors

Nucleonic foundation

A business division specialized in electronic components. He personally managed the new commercial relationships with Asian partners. Long term relationships, based on trust, are one of the main values of Nucleonic.

Restructuring the family group

In the different divisions between Matelco Industrial Automation, Nucleonic and Matelco


Nucleonic has experienced a remarkable growth during the last ten years thanks to the legacy received. Our funder’s vision has allowed us to take advantage of the opportunities presented by globalization and digitization.

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Our commitment

Operational excellence

Reliability with our technology partners

Committed to high quality standars and environment